Farm Camp

Welcome to Farm Camp for Kids!

Limited space! There will be no more than 2 groups totaling 12 children per session at Farm Camp 2019. Our day camp is great for ages 5 and up. Campers will learn hands-on all about horses and life on the farm. Call 925-856-5328 or to enroll your child.

Kids can try Farm Camp by the day!

BRYERLY Feather May 2018

Here is a sample day schedule:

9 am: Gather

  • Morning Farm Rounds (Feeding, watering the horses, learning about horse behavior, etc.)
  • Wildlife awareness and identification – “What wildlife do you see?”
  • Planting for sustainability on the farm
  • Games
  • Painting in the natural world
  • Snack
  • Daily hands-on horse management lesson with topics such as nutrition, anatomy, horse care, grooming, etc.
  • Campers eat lunch
  • Drawing or writing in their journals
  • Riding horses
  • Horse care

3 pm: Pick up

BRYERLY Barn March 8 2018
FARM Noth Paddock Feather etc
BRYERLY Lettuce Photo by Damien Kuhn
BRYERLY Permaculture Poster

Keep in mind the kids will be walking around the 8.5 acre farm doing various farm activities as well as games, arts and crafts so they will sleep well at night. We encourage campers to bring a favorite book for an optional reading break while hearing the birds sing. . .

BRYERLY Grey Horse May 2018
BRYERLY Arena View

Dates for Farm Camp:

Session 1 starts June 10th
Session 2 starts June 17th

By the day is available too!

What to Bring to Farm Camp:

Wear jeans or riding pants, bring shorts, extra shirt, sunhat, sunscreen, enough water, snack, lunch, riding helmet, riding boots, tennis shoes, fairy wings, and some carrots cut into one-inch pieces for the horses.

BRYERLY Comanche Head
BRYERLY Camp Counselors
Adult camp counselors bring the 6 to 1 ratio to Farm Camp.

The cost per session is $650. The early bird discount (Before May 10) makes the cost per session $540. Inquire about our sibling and friends discounts too. The prorated day rate is $130 a day.

Contact us at 925-856-5328 or email to visit the farm. We are happy to send you a registration form by email. Have a great day! 🐴

BRYERLY FB Poppy Gratitude Jan 2018

(Poppy the Pony in her turn out)

Bryerly Farms is a family run organic vegetable, herb and horse farm. We use no pesticides or herbicides because holistic organic farming creates happy food, people, horses and planet.

BRYERLY Sign on N Gate Road